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Pro Energy Consultants has been a leader in energy efficiency auditing, energy conservation services and home performance since 1995. We like helping our customers keep their “paid for conditioned air” in their home.

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  • Why do I have ice dams?
  • Why are my energy bills so high?
  • Why can’t I cool this room or heat that room?

As the nation’s leading energy conservation business – We NEVER Guess.

proenergy consultants energy audit

What is an Energy Audit?

A home energy audit is the first step in the process to make your home more comfortable and efficient. Pro Energy Consultants combines the understanding of building performance by using the whole house approach with blower door testing and infrared technology to provide a diagnostic assessment of the home or building.

proenergy consultants residential services

Residential Services

You might be surprised to know that the majority of our energy audit clients cite comfort related issues as the primary reason they chose to have an energy audit performed. If you use less energy you will lower your energy bills.

proenergy consultants commercial services

Commercial Services

Pro Energy Consultants has years of experience providing energy auditing services to businesses in hundreds of different industries across Michigan. Many of our clients own their building and are frustrated about wasted energy raising the utility bills and affecting the bottom line.