Energy On The Airwaves

Pro Energy Consultants has been a featured expert on several radio shows, and below is a collection of guest appearances from Home Improvement USA Radio. Listen and learn how to improve your home's energy efficiency, comfort and air quality.


Home Improvement USA Radio: Energy Efficient Lighting

Learn the differences and the advantages of lighting options available today. Lighting accounts for a significant chunk of your home energy costs, and if you switch from incandescent bulbs to CFLs or LEDs you could save hundreds of dollars per year! Get more information by listening to Pro Energy Founder Mark Cannella discuss some of the differences with Home Improvement USA Radio.

Home Improvement USA Radio: Improving Your Home's Indoor Air Quality

Pro Energy Consultants' Founder and owner Mark Cannella gives tips on how to improve the quality of the air you are breathing at home. Removing sources of pollution, such as household cleaners, or increasing ventilation are just a couple of things that he recommends to keep your family safe and healthy.

Home Improvement USA Radio: Cooling Issues In Your Home

Summer heat is coming! Does your house stay cool, or do you really need to crank the AC to keep it comfortable? Learn what could be behind poor cooling (hint: it probably isn't your air conditioner, or your windows!), and how an energy audit can help you pinpoint these issues without wasting thousands of dollars.

Home Improvement Radio USA: Energy Audits: What's Involved, Typical Recommendations

What is an energy audit? What do they do, and should you get one for your home? Jerry Needham, owner of Pro Energy Consultants in Fox Valley, IL (Chicagoland), walks you through the process of a home energy audit, along with some very typical findings. Most importantly, he stresses that his improvement recommendations typically involve a lot less money than people think they need to save energy and be more comfortable in their homes!

Home Improvement USA Radio: Improving Your Home's Air Distribution and Air Flow

Air Distribution and Air Flow are very important to the overall functionality and energy efficiency of your home! Listen as Energy Expert Mark Cannella talks about the most common problems and how you can improve the comfort of your home.

Home Improvement USA Radio: How to Prevent Heat Loss In Your Home.

Pro Energy Consultants founder Mark Cannella talks about the major factors and locations that contribute to your home losing heat and energy. By gaining some basic knowledge about building performance and typical places energy loss occurs, you can be educated when making decisions to improve your home's energy efficiency.

Home Improvement USA Radio: Indoor Comfort Issues

Learn more about why you may be uncomfortable in your house and possible reasons why that is happening! This can involve extreme temperatures, increased humidity levels, or even unsafe breathing conditions.

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