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New Green Business in Miami Helps Homeowners and Businesses Save Money

MIAMI, FL, April 17, 2013 – Pro Energy Consultants’ newest franchise owner C. Alan Klebs believes that building performance issues – namely comfort, excessive energy usage and poor indoor air quality – are best solved by an energy audit. Klebs kicked off his Grand Opening by performing an energy audit on the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce (CGCC), and will talk about his findings at the Eco Expo & Awards Luncheon on Friday, April 19th 2013.

“Most homes and businesses have to run their air conditioners nearly every day. The costs of doing so can be outrageous, especially when a building has issues that keep it from performing at peak efficiency,” Klebs stated. “There are a lot of opportunities for improvement, including low cost options that make a big impact.”

The energy audit performed on the CGCC, which was donated by Klebs, found that their energy usage could be significantly improved by simple things such as weather stripping specific doors and windows, and ensuring that ceiling tiles are all properly placed. Klebs also found, with the help of his infrared camera, that the insulation above the ceiling tiles was not uniformly distributed or missing entirely.

“[Alan Klebs] evaluated the air, lighting, water and energy usage. The subsequent report gave very specific solutions including ways to improve our energy usage and detailed maintenance recommendations,” said Mia Cavaco and Melissa Ayon. “Overall we were very impressed and highly recommend this service.”

"It really takes a comprehensive, diagnostic energy audit by a professional using sophisticated equipment to remove all the guesswork and pinpoint what’s causing excessive energy usage and major comfort complaints," said Klebs. "It can also save homeowners or business owners from making unnecessary costly repairs, such as replacing a furnace or installing new windows."


About Pro Energy Consultants

Pro Energy is the nation’s leading energy audit and building performance assessment franchise system.  Using the latest advancements in equipment and technology, Pro Energy technicians find sources of energy ‘leaks’ and provide recommendations for remedy, enabling consumers and businesses to use less energy, save money and reduce environmental impact.  For more information, please visit http://miami.proenergyconsultants.com.


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