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Pro Energy Consultants Also Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified

CLEVELAND, OH, March 28th, 2013 – Pro Energy Consultants’ owners in the United States have all received their Building Analyst certification from the Building Performance Institute (BPI), a professional organization that is nationally recognized as the standard for energy efficiency testing.

“While our proprietary training program is as extensive as BPI’s, we believe there is an advantage to having this 3rd party certification,” stated Mark Cannella, Founder of Pro Energy Consultants and owner-operator in Northeast OH. “We believe this further validates our skills and professionalism, and gives business and homeowners another reason to trust us for their energy consulting needs.”

Pro Energy Consultants rolled out an internal training program to existing owner-operators to help them obtain this certification, and will be offering this program ongoing as part of its startup package to all new franchisees. Cannella remarked, “we currently have a 100% first-try pass rate, which is truly a testament to our owners’ expertise!”

The Building Analyst certification from BPI is the national standard for conducting a whole-home energy assessment, using building science to help identify problems and prioritize solutions. Certification is given after a professional has completed and passed both a written and field test.

“BPI shares our values in taking a whole-house approach,” stated Cannella. “It allows us to use our tools and knowledge of building performance to recommend the absolute best strategies for our customers, helping them Save Energy, Save Money and Save the Environment!”


About the Building Performance Institute (BPI)

BPI is the nation’s premier building performance credentialing, quality assurance and standards setting organization. BPI develops technical standards using an open, transparent, consensus-based process built on sound building science. BPI is approved by the American National Standards Institute, Inc. (ANSI) as an accredited developer of American National Standards and as a certifying body for personnel credentials.

About Pro Energy Consultants

Pro Energy is the nation’s leading energy audit and building performance assessment franchise system.  Using the latest advancements in equipment and technology, Pro Energy technicians find sources of energy ‘leaks’ and provide recommendations for remedy, enabling consumers and businesses to use less energy, save money and reduce environmental impact.  For more information, please visit www.proenergyconsultants.com.   


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*Guarantee valid at time of audit completion. Pro Energy Consultants' franchises are independently owned and operated. Price, services offered and participation may vary. Subject to change without notice.