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Local Man Learns More About Energy Efficiency, Wins Nationwide Contest

Waynesboro, VA, November 22, 2011 – Pro Energy Consultants is pleased to announce the

winner of our nationwide “It’s EASY Being Green” contest is Mr. Guy Freesen of Staunton, VA.

The contest, held to help promote National Energy Awareness Month, entered all customers who

had an audit completed in October. The prize was a $200 gift certificate to buygreen.com, a

website dedicated to providing customers with green and eco-friendly products.

“We held the contest to reward a customer for taking steps to be more energy-conscious, even

though an energy audit can be rewarding enough itself!” states Ashley Myers, Brand Manager of

Pro Energy Consultants.  “We pride ourselves not only on helping people to save energy and

money, but also on educating each family about their home and how it works.”

Freesen owns Charis Eco-Farm, selling pasture-based meats direct to customers and

restaurants. They are striving to be more efficient with their energy usage, and an audit was the

recommended first step in learning more. After meeting at the Harrisonburg Green Expo, Bill

Scullion, owner of Pro Energy Consultants of Shenandoah Valley, helped him unsderstand more

about the systems in his home and how they interacted, and the options he had to increase its


“I thought the assessment process [with Mr. Scullion] was very helpful and thorough. It helped me

narrow down what upgrades could be a valuable investment versus others that may be

overpriced,” says Freesen “I haven’t implemented any recommendations yet, but I’ve called 3

businesses for estimates on installing heat pumps. I decided not to replace all my windows or

convert to solar power, for now.”

“We are very happy for Mr. Freesen,” says Myers. “We hope he puts his $200 gift certificate to

good use, and will be excited to do similar contests promoting increased energy awareness in the


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