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CLEVELAND, OH, October 1, 2011 – For a talking amphibian in love with a pig, being green may be a challenge. But for homeowners, being “green” is often easier than they think. October is National Energy Awareness month and Pro Energy Consultants’ month-long ‘It’s EASY Being Green’ campaign is set to educate consumers and communities about practical and cost-effective ways to improve a home’s overall energy performance, increase indoor comfort and lower energy bills. All Pro Energy home assessment customers during October will also be entered into a national, random prize drawing for a $200 gift card to BuyGreen.com.

“Most people want to be more energy efficient, but often don’t know where to start or believe that it’s too cost prohibitive,” stated Mark Cannella, founder of the Pro Energy Consultants franchise system and owner of the Cleveland, Ohio location. “Our homes account for more than twentypercent of the total energy consumed in the United States, and the amount of leakage we find in the average home equates to a hole the size of a basketball. Smart home improvements not only deliver savings, but also help us reduce our macro environmental impact. The key is making the right improvement decisions that will actually have impact and ROI.”

Pro Energy’s ‘It’s EASY Being Green’ campaign is inspired by the Federal Energy Management Program’s (FEMP) October theme: ‘Turn Words into Action; Turn Action into Results.’ The multichannel campaign will share specific home energy improvement information and action items that, based on Pro Energy’s extensive experience, truly deliver results. Common energy myths will also be dispelled and explained. The information will be distributed via daily tweets, blog postings, whitepapers and videos throughout October.

“The primary purpose of our energy audit is client education. Once we use our blower doors and infrared cameras to diagnose the home, we explain our findings and teach people about how their home ‘works’ from an energy efficiency standpoint. We then provide specific, prioritized recommendations for improvement. Most people are surprised to learn that their HVAC unit and windows are NOT typically the culprits, and that most of the needed improvements are much cheaper and easier in comparison,” states Cannella.


About Pro Energy Consultants

Pro Energy is the nation’s leading energy audit and building performance assessment franchise system. Using the latest advancements in equipment and technology, Pro Energy technicians find sources of energy ‘leaks’ and provide recommendations for remedy, enabling consumers and businesses to use less energy, save money and reduce environmental impact. For more information, please visit www.proenergyconsultants.com, or connect online at www.facebook.com/ProEnergyConsultants,www.twitter.com/ProEnergyNewswww.energyauditexperts.blogspot.com, orwww.youtube.com/user/ProEnergyConsultants.



About National Energy Awareness Month

Originally started as Energy Awareness week in 1981, the event was extended to encompass the entire month of October by President George H.W. Bush. In 2009, President Obama revitalized the proclamation, dedicating National Energy Awareness Month to addressing global environmental concerns and to promoting a clean energy economy.



About BuyGreen.com

BuyGreen.com specializes in earth-friendly products for people and businesses. All products are prescreened to qualify as ‘green,’ considering source materials, manufacturing processes, how the product is used and its impact on the environment, and disposal methods. BuyGreen.com is a trademark of Green Retail & Wholesale, LLC and is not affiliated with Pro Energy Consultants. To learn more, visit 09/30/2011   Return to Previous Page


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