Poor Indoor Air Quality

Studies and research reports increasingly draw correlations between a wide range of health issues and indoor air quality.  Fact is, our indoor air is far more polluted than the outdoor air, and we spend 90% of our time inside.

As part of your energy assessment, your Pro Energy Consultant will evaluate the air exchange of your property, the air distribution system(s), and ventilation mechanisms.  In essence, your home or building needs to ‘breathe’ to be efficient, comfortable, and to provide quality air for its occupants.  Otherwise, stale and stagnant air just continues to re-circulate, taxing the performance of your mechanical systems and causing an unhealthy indoor environment.

Signs Of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor air quality can manifest in a variety of ways, depending upon what the source cause is.  Here are the most common issues our clients seem to have:

  • Excessive dust build up, no matter how often you clean.
  • A lingering, musty odor in portions of the property.
  • Elevated humidity levels.
  • Allergy or sinus irritation while in the property.
  • Recent water damage/intrusion.
  • Unidentified sources of current or recurring mold growth.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Services

For people who need to know the specific contaminants within their property and the source location(s), Pro Energy also offers testing services for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Mold Volatile Organic Compounds.  This comprehensive test monitors for 400+ airborne chemicals and hidden mold growth, and you’ll have your report delivered within just days.

Benefits of Pro Energy’s Indoor Air Quality Testing services:

  • Professional sampling ensures accurate testing results.
  • Report turnaround time in days, not weeks.
  • Comprehensive, easy to understand report outlines specific action steps for improvement.
  • Costs less than mold spore testing.
  • No drilling of holes in walls is necessary.
  • Advanced testing uses the most sensitive methodologies available today.
  • When performed at the same time as an energy assessment, we achieve a level of diagnostic insight not possible otherwise.
  • Significant savings possible when you combine an energy assessment with an indoor air quality test.


Contact us to discuss your specific indoor air quality concerns.  Your health could depend on knowing exactly what’s in the air you breathe everyday.

Listen to Pro Energy founder Mark Cannella discuss Indoor Air Quality on Home Improvement USA Radio

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