The Industry

Over the last three years, energy costs and consumption have exploded into the consciousness of our nation’s homeowners. With rising energy prices, a credit crunch and the bursting of the housing bubble, a whole new mindset pervades America’s homeowners. No longer are we consumed with ideas of how much bigger our next house will be and how fast we can get into it. Today, homeowners are hunkering down, happy to be where they are, and turning their attention inward. Analysts have seen a reemphasis on the home as a place where people seek comfort, intimacy and safety. Homeowners' concerns about energy reflect this value shift. Homeowners are becoming increasingly vigilant about the energy they consume. Today, energy auditing comprises the fastest growing, most affordable, and most valued segment of real estate related services.

Here are some more interesting facts:

  • This winter, experts predict it will cost between 30-50% more to heat your home.
  • Natural gas now costs more than 40% more than it did 18 months ago.
  • The average electric bill is now 50%-150% more than it was 2 years ago. 

In addition to the ever-increasing value homeowners attach to energy audits, many states are beginning to subsidize and reward homeowners who take a proactive role in making their household more energy efficient.

  • Franchise OpportunityOver 40 states currently have some type of energy auditing and weatherization legislation being considered.
  • The Wall Street Journal has also reported that the number of residential energy audits performed throughout the U.S. has quadrupled in each of the last 4 years.
  • The desire for a greener, more environmentally sustainable home is now one of the top 5 reasons buyers want to move.

The Commercial Sector

In addition to homes, Pro Energy Consultants perform commercial energy audits on a wide range of buildings: from fast-food establishments, to churches and 72,000 square foot nursing homes.  For and non profit companies alike now understand that improving their energy efficiency through SMART performance investments is a proven strategy for improving the bottom line.

In addition to saving money on monthly utility/overhead costs, our commercial clients are also interested in:

  • Avoiding BAD improvement investments.
  • Solving customer or employee complaints about indoor comfort issues.
  • Upholding their corporate commitment to the environment and sustainability.
  • Learning about local energy programs and incentives they may qualify for.

As a local Pro Energy Consultants franchise owner, YOU are the answer to all of the above!

Because of the significant residential AND commercial opportunities, energy auditing is becoming a “hot” destination for aspiring entrepreneurs. The converging trends of today’s economy, with the “work-from-home” model afforded to energy auditors, makes it an unusually effective fit for entrepreneurs in this day and age.






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